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spam detectet

Hi, since a few days when I try to send a mail, Thunderbird report "5.2.0 NYnU1k00C0qJFmf01YnVTW spam detected."

Thunderbird version 16.0.2
SSL/TLS with

I've already tried to resolve the problem with aruba support team but they said that t it's not a question of the provider...

Can anibody help me?
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  • That message clearly comes from aruba's server, thus for some reason they reject the message as sent by Thunderbird (the report you see is simply Thunderbird echoing what the server responded). Unless they gave you some further information why the server thinks it doesn't like the messages, it may be difficult to track down what's wrong. They should see these in their server logs.

    You can try sending in various different configurations, e.g., switching off your signature if you have one (Tools → Account Settings → (account), center of that page) or toggle plain-text vs. rich-text (HTML) in the Options → Format menu of the composition window before sending the message.
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