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I’m hopeful we can find the root cause and fix this properly soon
Roland Tanglao (Thunderbird Technical Support Lead) May 08, 2012 06:21

TB12 very slow when opening a message due to TB Places SQLite "*-wal and *-shm" files (and possibly other TB SQLite files) being replaced with a directory.

Are you using Thunderbird 12 and experiencing slowness when opening messages?

If so it might be due to some files being converted to directories in your Thunderbird profile (suspected cause is Anti-virus software such as ESET NOD32, avira antivir and perhaps other AV software).


  1. Open the Thunderbird Profile Directory from Help |
    Troubleshooting Information

  2. quit Thunderbird

  3. delete any directories
    in the Thunderbird Profile Directory ending in "-wal" or "-shm" e.g.
    e.g. delete directories named like the
    following: "places.sqlite-wal", "places.sqlite-shm",
    "cookies.sqlite-shm", "cookies.sqlite-wal"
  4. then restart Thunderbird

B. If the workaround solves your issue, please let us know in this topic.

C. If you find further issues like this in GS please tag them tb12sqlite
This will help the Thunderbird development community debug the problem and see if it really is an anti-virus issue and if it's really confined to certain anti-virus problems and would be much appreciated!

D. If you are technical, here's the bugs to follow for fixes if any to Thunderbird
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