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I’m confused

The message list vanishes while reviewing te inbox until I click another folder and turning back

While viewing the messages in the unified inbox and moving the cursor over message list without clicking it, the messages from the list begin to disappear as you move over the list. The only way to see the list back, is clicking in another folder and then back to the inbox. This happens once or twice a day and can not find a pattern that may identify when this happens. Apparently, I'm not sure, coincides with the arrival of Facebook notification messages. I'm using Thunderbird 3.1 but this problem started already in version 3.0. Working with Windows XP on an Intel quadcore Q8200 with 4GB of memory. Ussually concurrent programs, GEarth, GTalk, Chrome, WinSCP, Excel 2007, OpenOffice. Other background programas, PowerISO, Skype, NOD32.
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