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Thunderbird 3 Disasters

Thunderbird apparently has corrupted another program which no longer works in spite of uninstalling and reinstalling from external source. It worked a few days ago. There is no "stop" icon now to use when download of email has hung-uo. Some emails lost in download. Sometimes Inbox directory is not available. Sometimes "Get Mail" is not available for a long period. Thunderbird seems very unstable now. I'm a long time user and can't download a previous version from the suggested site as it would take two hours or more.
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  • Martha, From your statement I assume you are on a very slow internet connection.

    While there is no STOP buttom, Thunderbird will timeout after 4 minutes of inactivity on the line, so it is unlikely it is hung up. It is however likely that someone has sent huge emails that are taking 20 minutes to half an hour to download.
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  • Martha, Thunderbird did not corrupt another program. It does not even use the registry. What other program is causing difficulty? I hope it is not the anti virus program, because it acting up would cause all of this list of problems you are having.

    Get mail will certainly not be available if it is waiting to complete downloads.

    What do yuo mean the inbox disappears. Is it that the list of messages does not appear?

    Have you tried right clicking the folder selecting properties and then the repair button?

    Have you tried starting Thunderbird in it's safe mode? There will be an entry on the start menu for that.
    • Were you previously using Thunderbird V2
    • I assume you work for Mozilla since you feel Thunderbird can do no wrong. Whether it uses the registry or not, it has done something which prevents a utility program from operating correctly. The only change between its operating and not operating was the update of Thunderbird.. Why blame the anti-virus? "Get Mail" wasn't available to BEGIN a download. Yes, the list of messages did not appear, Inbox or anything else. When the list of folders can't be seen, one can't right click on it. Right clicking in other locations brings up nothing useful. I'm not aware of a "safe" mode for Thunderbird. How is it accessed? There's no entry on my Start menu for that. I'm not interested in starting the computer in safe mode which seems to be what is implied on the Thunderbird site. As for versions, I've been having automatic update of Thunderbird and so was using 3.1.5, 3.1.4, and before that etc. A number of other people have been complaining about Thunderbird losing emails and deleting the inbox contents after a week. The question is, is Mozilla going to fix the bugs or stonewall? Also, is there any way to set up a profile in Windows? Since typically no information is provided about entries, format, switches and what they mean in a command prompt situation, instructions to do it from a command prompt are useless except for people who have been programming it and know the switches, etc.
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  • Nope... Sure don't work for any one in the computer industry, least of all Mozilla.

    My statement is based on the fact that Thunderbird runs cross platform and as such is basically a load of Java. It does not use any of the default data storage's and about the only way it could have a bad interaction with utility software would be in over writing memory and in which case both programs usually crash.

    What utility are we talking about anyway?

    I blame the anti virus because it is usually the first place to look if a program is not working correctly. Especially low level utilities. Low level utilities often look to the anti virus programs as a Virus and require a manual exception in the anti virus program to run correctly.

    Safe mode is a special diagnostic mode of Thunderbird, and an entry has been put on the start menu for it, I think, since Version 3 came out.

    It will disable all add ons. Especially those inserted by ad blockers and anti virus programs (there I go again). The absence of the get mail button certainly sounds like an addon. Here is a detaild explanation of safe mode.

    The most recent anti virus problems have been caused by Avast and Alvira. But none are exempt.

    I have seen many complains as you say about lost email. Personally I have never had a problem. But then I use POP mail because the whole synchronization thing that goes with IMAP just leaves me cold.

    Lost email is a very contentious issue, but the vast majority of this lost email is not lost. The program is simply doing what is asked of it by people who don't know what they have asked for, or mail providers simply dump it because it does not fit into there acceptable attachment rules.
    This article was created for the lost email scenario

    The deleting of inbox contents after a week is simply people not understanding POP mail. Thunderbird deletes mail from the server after 7 days by default. The POP standard says it should be done immediately on download, but complaints have seen the default action modified in Thunderbird. It can also be set to until I delete the mail, which amount to permanent retention.

    I have great difficulty with the retention of mail on the server as my 10mb maii box there gets full very fast if stuff is left a week. So I for one am not happy with the default and must manually change it to delete on download.

    The number of Bugs that affect every day usage is far less than most people on here imagine. This is partly because if the program does not do what they want when they want people consider it a Bug. Even when the program is functioning exactly as it is supposed to.

    On the View menu, select folders and set it to all. Then you can right click to your hearts content. (I hate the unified folders)
    • To start with the most immediate concern, I just discovered that all of the important mail I had moved from Inbox to other personal folders over the weekend had been lost apparently. They're not in Inbox, nor Trash, nor the designated folder. I'm livid! If you know where this mail would have gone or if I can retrieve it, please let me know as it was the important mail I didn't want Thunderbird to delete. This is not a function of my not knowing what I'm doing. This is mail that was already downloaded and was off the server. Incidentally, my server deletes mail on download so when Thunderbird lost email in downloading it, I have no way to retrieve it.. I don't generally retain mail on the server unless it is something too large to download which I move to a Hold file until I no longer need it. I consider that mail on my computer is mine to delete as I please, not when Thunderbird "decides". If that is the case with the new version, then I'll have to find a different e-mail program.
      Re Safe Mode in Thunderbird: There is no option for it on my Start Menu.

      "Get mail" is not an add-on. It's been a standard part of Thunderbird since I've been using it. It's how one downloads the mail from the server.

      The utility is MWSnap which had been working quite happily under any number of AV programs including my latest Kaspersky. As I said, I uninstalled & reinstalled it with no success. I carry the program on a thumb drive and have loaded it on other (public) computers this week where it has worked without flaw so the program itself is not corrupted. Since the latest Thunderbird version it can not copy a selected rectangle (on this computer) but only the top left hand section of the desktop. I've been using it for a long time, so please don't insult me by saying I don't know how to use it. Not everyone who has a problem with some aspect of some software is lacking in understanding of computers and software, especially when that problem involves a new version of the software. When something has been working for a long time, then an "update" occurs, and then things DON'T function correctly or as any normal person would want them to function (i.e. no software deciding to eliminate my files or not allow me to move them), it's a "Bug" in my book. If software designers are going to make radical changes like that, they should notify the users "IN ADVANCE", not leave them to discover the disasters after the fact.

      P.S. I'm not a computer illiterate. I programmed Mainframe computers, probably before you were born and have used PC's for 20+ years, including much time with DOS, packing upper memory to maximize space, changing .ini files, installing and changing cards, etc. I don't want to have to program this computer and debug software (which I've done), just use it to assist my various projects and communicate.
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