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I’m confused

Thunderbird 3 Folder Explanation


Can someone point me to an explanation of how the Folders work in Thunderbird3?

I have one folder called my email address and another called Local Folders. The Inbox in Local Folders is always empty and everything is in the Inbox under my email address, does this mean my emails are sitting the server and not on my computer? If so, how do I lownload everything to my computer.

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  • I’m confused
    Sorry I can`t offer any assistance , I also am as confused I have 2 email folders also the local and a unified displaying as you state, previously I would setup to see all emails in my local folders I now can`t find how to do this also the unified purpose ?? I`m totally lost , some change is good but not if it causes so much time & effort , why fix what ain`t broken ??
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