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I’m frustrated

Thunderbird does not open links if IE or Firefox is already open

If I click on a link in an e-mail in Thunderbird, and my default browser is not open, the browser will open and display the desired page properly. This works with either Firefox or IE as the default browser.

However, if my default browser is open (again, with either Firefox or IE 7 as the default), and I click on a link in Thunderbird, nothing happens. Also, selecting Help->Release Notes in Thunderbird gives no response when the browser is already open.

I don't think this is an OS/Firefox issue, since an open Firefox session will open a new tab properly if I click on a desktop internet shortcut. Also, if I open a command window and type "start", my open Firefox session opens a new tab and shows cnn just fine. In other words, sending external requests to Firefox seems to be fine on my system.

I am using Thunderbird, Firefox 3.0.10, and Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3 installed.

Thanks for any advice -
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