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Thunderbird Issues - Hanging, slow, mail blanking

I've been using Thunderbird for a while, but I've generally had many issues with it. Not reported them before but thought it might help.

I'm using Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) with Thunderbird 10.0.2. It hangs quite a bit, I generally get a lot of email so about 100 a day, so my inbox can have about 14K in it at a time. I tend to move email to another folder every so often so it doesn't slow down Thunderbird. Sometimes it hangs for a long time downloading email, sometimes once it's all loaded all the subjects in the inbox are blank and sometimes, it only shows a few emails when there are a lot more.

Usability I find hard:

Buttons at the top, on side, 2 search bars!, attachment save at bottom left. All a bit confusing. I'm sure a usability expert could design this better (not me!) ? I always struggle to find the reply to button.

My setup: quad core 2.8Ghz xeon, 4GB Ram, main software is Thunderbird and Terminal on the machine. And Safari/Firefox. Server is Dual 3GHZ Xeon, running dovecot (nothing else running on it) load is 0.00 most of the time.

This is all a bit wishy washy as each problem seems to be slightly different, but sometimes clicking on an email takes forever to actually show. Anything I can do to help debug, enable debug, logs, speed up Thunderbird?

Thanks for the help,
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