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Thunderbird swallowed input box messages

When I clicked on the first new message in the input box, all of the messages disappeared!

Is there any way to get them back?

Do I need to do some preventive maintenance?
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  • I sounds like the .msf" files (index files) are corrupted.
    In the left folder pane, Right click on 'Inbox' and select 'properties'.
    Click on 'Repair folder'
    Click on OK

    Good info link on disappearing messages and folders:

    I would then perform some good housekeeping in this order:
    1. Delete emails that are not required anymore.
    2. Empty your Junk and Trash folders
    3. Compact all your folders
    4. set up your Archive Options and Archive all emails in Inbox and Sent folders.
    5. Perform a Backup and keep a handy Backup in a folder on your Desktop, also make a second copy and keep it on a disk or usb storage device.

    Info explaining exactly what compacting does:

    How to locate profile:

    How to do Backup:

    Archiving info - I previously answered this here:

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