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Thunderbird User Manual/Guide

There is more so now (as more users of Thunderbird come from PC-Client Email neophytes), and has always been a need for a general User Manual for Thunderbird. It need only be "general" in that it describes the functions, what they do, and how to use them.

It is no longer sufficient that an item must be part of a new release, or have a question posed in a forum and given an OFFICIAL answer, in order for the the basic general function of a feature in Thunderbird to be understood.

For instance, as with just one small example, in trying to improve my Email experience, I tried to see what the "Threads" feature could do for me.

I found that when I went to "Help" - Moziilla's web-based answer for everything about Thunderbird - that there was absolutely ZERO information on the "Threads", on what it is or anything else - zero, zip, nada.

I would like to see Thunderbird become the #1 Email client package, for business and residential users.

This is not going to happen without users that come to your website, seeking help in their use of Thunderbird, without being provided - BY YOU - with knowledge of and/ior URLs (links) to "User Manual/User Guide" information, WHETHER OR NOT IT IS PRODUCED BY YOU.

It is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE that you both do not provide a User Manual/User guide yourselves and also refuse to provide links to any unofficial "Thunderbird User Guide"/"Thunderbird User Manual" materials that may exist.

It is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE that users cannot depend on the Thunderbird "Help" function to find such material.

I have made possibly my last update of Thunderbird if that never happens; an outcome that will eventually require me to no longer use Thunderbird.

Now, if you are to say that such material IS available, somehow, through the "Help" feature of Thunderbird, then I will tell you that access to that information is extensively so much NOT intuitive, so much NOT "user friendly, so much NOT given a priority in it's placement that if it exists, it is a mystery to Thunderbird users.

Thanks for listening.

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