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I’m nearly in tears with frustration

Unable to add a new account into existing folder structure

Hello - I am trying to create a new email account in TB 3. I have several accounts already, and they go into my global inbox, sent, etc. all together, under "Local Folders". I think TB calls these "Unified" or "Smart" folders.

When I add the new account, all kinds of crazy things happen - a new inbox structure is created, the account appears separately on the main folder list, etc. I simply want the new account to go into my existing folder structure, so that new mail ends up in my unifed "inbox", for example.

It used to be really easy in the past to do this. Now, I am almost in tears trying to get this to work, having tried adding an account many times and deleting them, all in vain for finding a setting that simply says "do you want your mail from this new account to going into your global/unified/smart common folders?". Yes, please.

Help, please! :-)
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