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I’m Frustrated

Unified Filters for Unified Folders

As I understand TB's filter mechanism, I can have a one list of inbound filters and one list of outbound filters for each account--whether POP or IMAP. OK. That's fine.

But I cannot have a list of inbound or outbound filters for "Unified". GRUMP! That's not fine. It means that I need to maintain four separate lists of filters (I have four accounts "out there") for inbound messages and four sets of filters for outbound messages--where probably 2/3 of the filters are the same.

When is TB going to gain the ability to apply a "Unified" set of inbound or outbound filters to all servers in addition to the per-server filters?

Or is there a way to end-run the limitation?

Or is there a way to make a filter just once (associated with one server) then _copy_ it to the sets for other servers?

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