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Use Tab key for simple navigation

Right now, I can navigate to different sections of the Thunderbird program with the Tab key. But it's not simple or quick. For instance, if I start at the Inbox, pressing the Tab key 12 times will bring me back there. Where did the cursor go during that journey? Most of the time, I have no idea.

When I am reading email, there are only three places I want to travel with the Tab key:
* the list of folders
* the list of messages
* the message pane (preview pane; i.e. where I actually read the email).

That way I could use just the keyboard to quickly and easily navigate through all the windows I need to when reading emails.

If I could set an option to tell the Tab key to toggle among only those three locations, that would be excellent. Or if there was an add-on that did that, excellent.
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