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I’m ennoyed

Where are my local folders gone?

My local folders do not appear anymore in the left panel.

I've been using T'bird in "classical" layout so far, quite without problems for some time. I nevertheless had to click on a folder name to make the others reappear sometimes.

Now,regardless of the layout and of the left panel (All, Unified, Favorite...) most of the folders I created disappear: there are many folders below the "PL Action !" in the screen copy, and I don't see them anymore.

So, imagine the cklicking I need to do (between the left panes) to find what I need!

Also, instead of having a top "IN" folder containing sub folders for every account, I have the opposite since a few days: top is the account sub is the "IN" (and OUT; DRAFT,etc). So I have to dig through all my accounts to list all my incoming (read or not) mail.

Apple MacBook Pro under MacOS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard)
Thunderbird 3.1.1 (I had an Apple kind theme installed. It worked for a while with it. I removed it but the problems remained).

Thanks for any help.
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