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Where is my one one, single inbox? - ANSWERED Only possible on POP, not on IMAP

I see the advantages of a flexible folder display, but there seems to be one display that isn't there which I think is the one most people would want: If you collect mail from several e-mail accounts the easiest is to have all messages diplayed in one Inbox. To have the option of displaying them divided into separate folders is great, but it is still a drag when you are expecting something but don't know which e-mail address it will be delivered to, having to check five or six different folders - even if thay are all inside the overall Inbox. Also, if you chance to carry on a conversation through different e-mail accounts it would be much easier to be able to display them all in one 'inbox listing'.

So, is there a way to either have all incoming mail delivered to the general 'Inbox' folder, or - better - to alternate to a unified display where a comprehensive list of all inbound mail can be seen?

...or am I just a particularly clueless newbie...?
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