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why is yahoo allowed to totally take over mozilla firefox on my computer?

I have been a satisfied customer since you started. My problems started with the new version that yahoo imbedded itself into my computer through. I tried several times to remove it, but yahoo blocked out everything except yahoo. It removed all my toolbars, bookmarks, and access to any other site except yahoo. There was NO way to remove the yahoo toolbar from my computer. The only way i could regain control over mozilla firefox was to totally remove it from my computer, then go through Windows, and re-install the British version. When this no longer works i will have to find an alternate browser. Was this total take over by yahoo your intention when you attached it to the newest version? Yahoo did the same thing when it was used by AT&T as their email provider. David Riley, 5250 NE 106 Ct, Bronson, Fla, 32621. (email: ( 1-352-486-1450)
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