Yahoo Mail Free IMAP

Adding Yahoo Mail Free IMAP support with the “ID ("GUID" "1")” command. Read this on Wikipedia on how you can access the Yahoo IMAP servers, but before logging in a non-standand IMAP command has to be sent “ID ("GUID" "1")”. Just wondering is this will be implemented in further versions of Thunderbird. Below is the paragraph from Wikipedia.

Free IMAP and SMTPs access

It is possible to get direct IMAP access without signing up for paid access nor using software like YPOPs! or FreePOPs. Yahoo operates IMAP servers ( in particular), which are globally accessible. However they require a specific, but non-standard IMAP command to be sent before login is done. The command is: “ID ("GUID" "1")” and it is relatively easy to modify any email client to send it. In fact this is the method currently employed by YPOPSs! and FreePOPs. There are modified version of Mutt (e-mail client) and Mozilla Thunderbird available that send this command.[23]

There is also an IMAPs server running at It is using SSL on the standard port 993.

In addition it is also possible to send mail through mail clients as yahoo also operates an SMTPs server ( It is necessary to enable SSL through port 465. The username is the user's Yahoo mail address and the password is the same as for webmail access, this applies to both IMAP and SMTPs access.
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