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Guilds / Comparisons / Duels / Events

You have to implement guilds into this somehow. Maybe as a sort of group that a char can join. Has to be done by char because users will have alts in other guilds.
Once this thing takes off it might be nice to have other groups that can be joined per char. So say I can have my fire mage join a group for chars that like to burn things... a sort of Pyromaniacs Anonymous for swapping tips and tricks and easier access to a pool of similar chars that I can compare my stats to.
Which brings me to another idea...how can I compare my stats / achievements etcetera to other chars (my own or someone elses)? Maybe a nifty little button that can be clicked when browsing through other chars... What would also be cool (more long term) is being able to challenge chars from the same realm to a duel. Of course you can't really link into the game, but it would be fun to meet other chars here and have a basis for meeting up with them in world. For those that do want to test their strength against each other there could be a post-duel interface where a user enters what the outcome of the duel was, this could be posted after being accepted by the other party that was in the duel.
And of course an option to create and join events per realm. For those that have trouble finding a group in world for certain more tedious group tasks and maybe aren't in a large guild that raids every single night it could be quite an outcome!
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  • I definitely agree about the guilds. I am still pondering how to best do that, though. It could be done in an automatic way, as the each char's guild is known; so guild areas could be formed and made accessible on the fly.

    Same with the class groups.

    Re comparisons & events: honestly, I don't know about that yet. But I'll keep it in mind and chew on it for a bit. :)

    Thanks for the input! Keep it coming.
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