FAQ: How do I find and share my widgets?

We've decided to post some of the great questions you've been sending in to Get Satisfaction in case the responses can help other artists. Here's another: How do I find and share my widgets?
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  • uPlaya's marketing widgets enable you to increase your exposure on the Web and share your music wtih fans and friends. uPlaya has three types of marketing widgets: album widgets, song widgets and trophy case widgets (only for artists who have earned an Auddy Award). You can embed the widgets on your website or blog, and you can send the widgets to others via email or throguh nearly 300 different social networking sites.

    How to Find and Share Widgets

    1. Sign into your account at www.uPlaya.com and click on the "Artist Profile" tab.
    2. Select the "Widgets" link from the horizontal navigation at the top of the page just under the tabs. This is your widget dashboard, where you can find your album widgets, song widgets and trophy case widgets.
    3. To choose which widget you would like to share, look in the left-hand column of the page under "My Widgets". Once you click on the title of the widget you would like to share, the widget will appear in the right-hand side of the page.
    4. Look at the bottom-right corner of your widget - you should see a button that says "Share" in orange font. By clicking this button, you can share your widget through email, MySpace, Facebook, and many more. You can also get the embed code for the widget just under the button.

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