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I’m frustrated

great music needs to be heard!!!

I have a small record Label and I was wondering how could help me promote my artist music?
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  • Hi Afficial,

    Thanks for your post, we're glad your interested. I'd be happy to help and find a way to make the uPlaya tools best work for you.

    The best thing about uPlaya's marketing tools is the fact that you can use them lots of different ways because they fit a variety of strategies, styles and genres. It's best to get creative! Think about who you want to reach - music fans, venue owners, or other music professionals? If fans, what kinds of fans? Where do these fans hang out online?

    Say you want to reach a hip hop fan base. You could post your artist's widget in various hip hop communities on the Web. (think about strong hip hop communities, like those in Atlanta, the forums on popular hip hop magazine sites, and even dig around for hip hop communities on Facebook). You could email his uPlaya Press Kit to top hip hop music bloggers you think may like his work. Take an hour to sit down and map out a marketing strategy for your artist. Then you can think about the ways you can incorporate the uPlaya tools to help you accomplish your goals. All of the uPlaya tools have tracking tools built in, which means they log and record all of your impressions, clicks and plays. This will help you further learn about your music and refine your strategies.

    Are you aware of all of the different promotional tools that uPlaya offers? If not, please let me know and I'd be happy to send a detailed list to you either via email or by posting it here. Just let me know what you need and I'd be happy to help!

    Thanks again for your feedback and we look forward to seeing more of you soon.

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