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Station Question

I want to hear some of the groups I selected and their songs but when I hit their station they won;t play my bands songs? What am I doing wrong
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  • Hi Darty,

    You aren't doing anything wrong. The way SonicSeeds Radio works is that we recommend music similar to the bands you already like. We are not an on-demand service, so we don't play the bands you've selected immediately, but we do suggest new music for you based on the sonic similarities of the bands you've chosen as influences (which could be songs by the selected artists sometimes.)

    To make your station better, make sure you like and dislike songs and your recommendations should get better. You can also use the genre filter when you create your station to make the songs closer to want you want to hear. We are still in Beta testing, so some of our recommendations may still need some work.

    Thank you for your question! If you have any others or any suggestions on how we could improve SonicSeeds, please let us know!
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