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Ongoing updates (May)

Hi all,

Today, the dev team has released a bunch of important updates:

  • The "My Performance" tab is finally active!

  • The running pace now increases from your starting level at the beginning of the plant, all the way to your goal level at the end of the plan (there will be further updates on this over the next couple of months: Tagawa-san of the ASICS Institute of Sport Science is working with the development team on pace evolution, watch this space for more updates)

  • It is now possible to view and edit your running routes (maps) in your settings (I think we will add more prominent links to this feature)

  • Other plan updates: race pace (RP) and event (E) paces. Event descriptions (currently English only). Corrected Fast running pace.

Obviously, these were major changes, I'm glad we've got them done.

Keep the feedback coming and good luck with your running!

Best regards,


PS, for reference, a bunch of smaller issues have been fixed, as well:

589 Performance result should be draggable in iPad
592 Race pace recommendation should vary with course
883 performance key/legend
628 Modify plan length customisation for beginners
867 don’t allow event dates in the past on plan form
720 Default time on my plan’s events
769 Starting new plan: interim start date message?
846 Printed Plan: Phase structure requires explanation
882 Fix layout of signup screen
881 Use sentence case, not headline case
860 Global font setting for Helvetica Neue
814 crash on request for html version of JS translation bundle
744 “Fast” pace needs to be corrected
629 Recovery section needs to move with event date.
745 Performance Forecast to be adjusted
870 Performance: no infobubbles upon mouseover