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Hi Guys, I just want to know how to disable promotional texts from globe. Everytime I received this promotional texts, it deducts 15pesos from my load. Please help, this is not the way to treat your customer....
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Posted 8 years ago

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How do I check the Infotext service I am subscribed to and how do I cancel it?

To check your subscriptions, just text CHECK and send it to the specific access number. For example, to check if you have subscriptions with 2346, text CHECK and send it to 2346. You will receive a confirmation message with all the services you are subscribed to and an instruction on how to cancel your subscription.

Note: The keyword "CHECK" is applicable to the following access numbers: 2366, 4848, 2954, 2256, 2929, 2922, 292880, 2949, 2910, 2276, 2346, 2802, 2948, 2982, 2350, 2959, 2968, 2375, 2345, 2363, 2600, 2818 and 3456.

hope this help
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I think Globe must be customer-friendly esp. to us loyal and long time subscribers of their company. And you know what? Globe eats my load again and asked for CS to help me on what to do. This happen every time I buy a call card and load up. If I do have load, 29343 is keep on sending me messages saying..."You have new MMS message. Retrieve it from http://www.myglobe.com.ph MMS section. From 2346. Password phaushy Sbj. Top true diva. Message expires after 24 hours." The CS representative apologized for the inconvenience but I do not need the apology, all I want is for them to fix the problem. He asked me to check if I subscribed to any promos from 2346, and told him that I do not remember subscribing to any promos since it will just cost me a lot...Like what's happening to me now wherein Globe eats my load! Anyways, just to fix everything I asked the CS representative on what to do and he immediately give me instructions only to find out that I have two subscriptions, one is this TOPTRUEDIVA, adding to my frustration, I haven’t subscribe to any promos nor letting other people use my phone. I replied to the same number (STOP TOPTRUEDIVA to 2346) and received a confirmation that I was unsubscribed. I thought everything is ok now, but just this morning 29343 sent me messages again (around 10 messages with the same info/text) and these messages charged my account. Tsk! Well, what will I do now? I already followed the instructions but then, nothing happened. All I want is to STOP this mess...Otherwise, I will just subscribe to other NETWORK that won't give me any INCONVENIENCES and definitely not a THIEF!
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I really hate the number (29343) that keeps on sending me that I can retrieve my free MMS message via http://www.myglobe.com.ph MMS section. Every time I receive these messages (often sent more than 5 times), it charges to my account. Every single peso is important to me so I decided to seek for an assistance of their customer service representative to help me out. I followed every single instruction pero hindi pa rin tumitigil mag-send ng MMS retrieval messages yung 29343. I can't remember subscribing to any promos of Globe kaya I feel upset about it...Hope your system could fix everything...Dahil I already did my part manually. So I think this is your call now...
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Hi. if the access number is not included in the reply posted by mark, you may provide us with your mobile number, access number and the content so we can unsubscribe the account for you.
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can you just unsubscribe all the alerts at the same time anyway you will be the one to know if we are subscribe to any of the promo alerts once we give you our number coz you can check it right after we give you our cel number right? it is really eating all the load i am putting in literally. you must do an immediate action on this or else you will loose your subscribers....
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i been calling globe not just once but 4 times and I have complaint ticket for it but nothing happens. on my case it deducted 5 pesos per day - imagine how much that cost within a month? Globe does not really cares to their subscriber. Thats very disappointing.
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GLOBE!!pls help to unsubscribe me to 2346 HotGamesClub. deducting P20 from my load,i did not subscribe to any of ur promos.
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they didnt respond
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just text Stop and send it to 3456