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I have been using my globe tattoo kit for about a month now, and here are my concerns.

1. My signal strength is at 96 to 100% it is a strong signal strength and its at HSPDA,
yet my download speed plummets to 0.0kbps whether its peak or off-peak hours. It sometimes even drops the connection (my ym goes offline, and such).

2. Even with a signal strength of 100% I get an unstable connection speed which goes from 1.5mbps to 0.01kbps or even 0.0kbps.

3. Could not register, keeps claiming that I am still registered to other promos, tried texting supersurf stop.

4. This is with regards to your "fair use policy".

Globe Advisory: Your account has reached 1GB in usage today. Subject to Globe Fair Use Policy, your internet service has been temporarily deactivated and will resume tomorrow. This promo is intended for moderate use. For heavy browsing, please upgrade to our Tattoo Postpaid plans. Thank you.

-Is 1gb per day considered heavy browsing?

-Did your company ever tested and concluded that 1gb per day is enough or considered as heavy browsing?

-Your company advertised that this is unlimited browsing; ergo no limit, ergo no daily usage, ergo you have no right to place a company policy over it.

-Why should we upgrade to a postpaid plan? We paid for the service, we paid for the advertised unlimited browsing, is your company more biased to postpaid subscribers?

-Shouldn't you advertise that your supersurf50 is actually limited surfing for 1gb per day limited browsing, and thus name it properly to limitsurf50.

Now for the 1gb/day usage; lets compute the allowed usage per day; let's do the math, and show the figures.

1gb is equivalent to 1024 mb
1mb is equal to 1024 kb

now lets go through the basic routine of most users

Facebook home page = 1mb to 1.5mb
Google home page = 144kb
Youtube home page = 700kb
Wikipedia home = 120 kb
Yahoo home = 750kb

Youtube video 3min = 2.5mb to 4mb
Youtube video 9min = 6mb to 10mb

3min. mp3 file = 10mb

not included are those using facebook for games like:
cafe world
mafia wars
restaurant city

and for those downloading videos over 600mb to 800mb

and also those who are playing online games like ragnarok, cabal, etc

and for those who are video streaming, either on ym, skype, and msn.

Now let us compute the speeds and the time it takes to reach the 1gb limit and let us say that I'm downloading my teacher's video lecture about "fair use policy" which is at 800mb, while also downloading several audio notes at 15mb a piece:

-if my download speed is at 50kbps
350 minutes or 5 hours
so I still have 19 hours left unused from my supersurf50

-if my download speed is at 100kbps
175 minutes or 3hrs
so I still have 21 hours left unused from my supersurf50
and also I could just use powersurf30 which is cheaper

-if my download speed is at 200kbps
87 minutes or 1 hr and 27 minutes
so I still have 22 hours and 33 minutes left unused from my supersurf50

-if my download speed is at 500kbps
35 minutes
so I still have 23 hours and 25minutes left unused from my supersurf50
I could also just use the 5 pesos for 15 minutes

-if my download speed is at 700kbps
25 minutes

-if my download speed is at 1mbps
17 minutes

-if my download speed is at 1.5mbps
11 minutes

-if my download speed is at 2mbps
8 minutes

looking at the figures it is clear that the imposed "fair use" is not "fair"

your company needs to reconsider these facts, if you want to keep your clients, you should not needlessly impose policies that are not fair and drive them away.

we value our money, we spend our money wisely, so give our money's worth. As long as we are satisfied we remain loyal and we won't bother spending for the services you offer.


and please give a proper reply, I've seen countless copy-pasted replies, generic and useless replies.

so don't reply to this with your company's fair use policy and stating the facts that we already know

obvious is obvious, and we want answers

I have been a globe user since 1999 and have owned several sims, been a postpaid subscriber (plan800 and plan1200 back in 2002 and 2005), as well as a prepaid subscriber

my globe tattoo sim number 09152753646 and 09154574872
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  • overly disappointed with quality of service and how the company treats their clients

Posted 6 years ago

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Just now, I've received another "Globe Advisory: Your account has reached 1GB in usage today. Subject to Globe Fair Use Policy, your internet service has been temporarily deactivated and will resume tomorrow. This promo is intended for moderate use. For heavy browsing, please upgrade to our Tattoo Postpaid plans. Thank you."

I register my supersurf at Time: 05/10/2010 20:14:57 went offline at around 1am (8:15pm to 1am = 4hrs+)

went back on at 12nn got the advisory at Time: 06/10/2010 14:34:06
(12nn to 2:34pm = 2hrs+)

so roughly 6hrs total usage of the supposed 24 hr unlimited browsing, only 6 hrs

I demand a refund
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I received another "globe advisory"

I reached the 1gb limit again, yet after checking my statistics and carefully looking at my upload and download, I now know that the 1gb limit is the combination of both the upload and download
which is really really unfair.

so we can't even maximize the 1gb limit one for upload and one for download, so its like 500mb for both upload and download (512mb to be exact)
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I also have the same problem. Nakakainis..halos 5 hours lang kung mgamit lalo na pg ngddownload..Unfair! I'll switch to smartbro..
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I'm very disappointed. Time to switch to SMARTBRo.
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Haha >:) 1gb limit. That was a nice idea to steal money from a subscriber.
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I also got the same message so I went to their website to investigate.
As far as I know, they are only doing it until they have users who are very excessive in usage in their network. Limiting excessive usage by a few people gives lots more bandwidth to hundreds of others who are also paying the same amount for the service. I read this on Globe’s website. So I think its not wrong, they want ALL their subscribers to get what they paid for. 1GB or 800mb usage naman is worth a lot more than P50 i'm sure in terms of the costs to their network, so i wouldnt say they cheated on us. Rather, i think the way all the telcos are moving towards this Fair Use Policy is really for the benefit of the vast majority whose services are slowed down by the few who use up the bandwidth and slows everyone else down. Ok naman since for me my speed went significantly faster ever since they started this Fair Use thing. I heard Smart also has, and Sun, hindi lang communicated At least pala Globe has on their website. I dont think they should receive all this backlash for being the more honest one.
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then why they named it live without limits?
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SmartBro and Sun has fair usage but NO LIMIT! Actually I've been using these two alternately and I can download 5 movies in one day. Can you imagine that? Sabay with internet browsing pa ha. So compare it for globe w/c has 1GB/800mb, only 1 or worse, wala pang matapos-tapos na movie considering that movies has either 7xxMB or 1.xGB in size.
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agree ako sayo...
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"Mobile Data Services Fair Use Policy

The Acceptable Terms Fair Use Policy of Globe is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world. It is intended to ensure that all customers will have the equal opportunity to enjoy the services offered by Globe. As such, the Acceptable Terms Fair Use Policy may be used to protect Globe customers against entities or persons utilizing Globe services in a manner that runs counter to the intent of the product or service, fraudulent, or exceeding normal standards of use.

Our Acceptable Terms on Fair Use Policy applies to products or services as well as special offers or promotions, providing data usage for free or at rates lower than standard rates, or unlimited access to data usage.

In your purchase or use of our products and service, you accept our Terms and Conditions hereunder and agree to be bound thereof. Please see as below the terms relating to the relevant service that you have subscribed for.


• MySuperPlanAll Unli Combo: Unlimited Mobile Surfing
• SuperSurf Plans for Prepaid/Postpaid/TM: Unlimited Mobile Surfing
(1 Day/5 Day/1 Month variants)

How is Fair Use applied to these plans?

For both the My SuperSurf Plans and MySuperPlan All Unli Combo Plans, the Unlimited Mobile Surfing feature is normally used for emailing, browsing and base search activities. By design, this offer is not intended for file sharing software and downloading files in large format like music, videos, and movies (users of peer to peer/torrent applications). In case a customer uses the product other than its intent, the customer might experience slow browsing.

In an effort to optimize the mobile surfing experience for the majority of Globe subscribers and offer a great customer experience to all users, Globe reserves the right to slow data speeds of the top 5% of data users at high traffic and highly congested times. The vast majority of users will never experience these slowed surfing speeds and even those that fall within the top 5% be slowed by the smallest margin possible and only when the system is overtaxed. With this policy, all users will have access to the internet and only those that heavily strain the network on a regular basis will have limited surfing speeds.

Subscribers who are surfing via the 'P5 for 15 minutes of surfing' scheme are not subject to this Acceptable Terms Fair Use Policy, as well as subscribers using other promos other than Unlimited Mobile Surfing offered under the SuperSurf Plans and the MySuperPlan All Unli Combo Plans.

Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?

If you do not use file sharing software or download large files from the internet, it is unlikely that you will ever be affected by this policy. Media streaming and downloading of torrents contribute to your use of bandwidth capacity and if left permanently on, may cause you to be in breach of this policy."

could somebody explain this to meee, BRIEFLY.. 1gb data size parin ba i2?? or maapektuhan ang speed pg mg download??...
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unfair ang pag gamit nila nito. kahit di kna ga download na DDC prin connection mo every 15 mins. that Globe!
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Then don't use the word NO LIMITS on your ads.
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I have this problem too. It piss me off when globe send me a "We notice - - - - " oh come on globe! what's the point of your promo says UNLIMITED? when you limit us 1GB per day?