Terrible Rerurns handling and false claims by cust. support rep.

Well you better look into this very very closely. Because now your representative has put an allegation against me stating that the rep tried to call me but i was not available and did not answer my phone.

Firstly, my phone doesnot show any calls on 28th of July, 2012 from you or any number which I might think is of myntra rep. Therefore, I'd like to you track down that guy who called me and give me the number so that I can go and check with my mobile network service provider. If it's there then its okay, I'll accept my mistake but if its not there, you better have good reasons to talk to my lawyer.

The previous conversation is noted below. Let me know if you need the alleged email as well.

Dear Myntra,

Your returns services are terrible !!

First, your product says 100% cotton but its lycra on delivery !! Then you are neglecting and ignoring the return of it.

I filed for a return on the day of delivery and its been 8 days of false promise of picking up the baggage.

You want to do this to complete the 30 day thing, so that you have reason to not to pick it up.

You are the worst shopping site I've ever visited.

New in the market and already exploiting customers. Real bad.

I will ensure that your negatives reach out to people. They are blinded by your marketing gimmicks.
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Myntra.com We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused & would like to look into the matter closely. We would request you to share the order details in the 'Support' tab(beneath the cover photo), it will help us to resolve the issue much faster.
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