4 White Chairs Missing

just entered my game in Bakery Town & 4 White chair are missing from my bakery on the Main Floor. I found another set of tables moved & shifted from where I iron ally placed them.
PS My other items have not been restored to me yet either. Which I purchased packets from & Marina, a rep. ,says she's handling it for me but received nothing so far. There is no icon set in Bakery Town to take or send photos like the other games. I lost a Power stove from a purchased $19.99 packet of 145 gems, 70,000 coins plus Powerstove Was included in packet. Stove gone not rewarded as I paid for., Queen B (from mystery box from my 1st purchase of a 68 coin mystery Box) Ali not received. Also had other tables & chairs come up missing Not sold) please fix. This has been over a week. Was offered a 50 gems for some compensation offer not awarded either. Not been fairly treated. Very Disappointed! SassyDjg02. Email: regarf@icloud.com
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