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I’m frustrated

95% of the time you get an error when trying to add neighbors & cant finish task

This is for Chef Town that i play on my android. Adding friends is ridiculous...95% of the time it says: Oops! Sorry. There was a problem loading neighbours (that's not the correct spelling but that's what it shows) store. Please try again or try updating your game to the latest version.
I have the latest version. I have successfully been able to add a few. then I get a task requiring to visit 10 "neighbours" but i cant even finish it it because of this error or when i do successfully visit one it doesn't count towards the task >.>
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  • Hey Stephanie!
    Thank you for messaging us.

    You can only visit players who have the same version of the game as you do. That being said, we've recently released the updated version (9.0) of the game for IOS (Apple devices), while we still work on the update for Android devices, and it should also be released as soon as possible.
    In the meantime, we advise you to try and visit as many players as you can in order to find ones who have the same version as you do.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding!
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