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I’m confused

(Bakery Town) Is it gems to coins, or coins to gems? Anyone tried it?

I've always ignored the Convert Coins feature in Bakery Town cos I assume it means using the Gems to buy Coins (since most games with rare and common currencies allow conversion from rare to common, not the other way round). It JUST suddenly occurred to me that it might actually be using Coins to buy Gems, since some players mention that here.

Has anyone actually used the feature? I'm NOT about use it based on someone's GUESS of how the feature works, nor am I going to press Buy to find out. I'm tired of spending Gems without meaning to, which I suspect has happened to many other players.

Can someone CONFIRM which it is? Is the feature asking us to use Gems to buy Coins, or use Coins to buy Gems? I'd appreciate an answer from someone who's actually used the feature before, or from Nanobit staff, obviously.

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