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Accounts end up getting deleted!


I am reporting an issue that is affecting most players. There is a bug that does not let us receive our rewards from the contests. The leaderboards do. ot update. The comments I post do not show, and the worst is that I have found 6 accounts so far on the non-updated leaderboard that lost all their data. There are also some bots in the games that win most of the time, they should be removed as it's not fair :(

Please, let us have the ability to save with a facebook account. Such issues are disappointing, as people lose their progress and money. It's an amazing game that will get more known if designed properly.

Thank you!

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  • Hi Eleni,

    We apologise for any inconvenience you might have experienced.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated, and we will strive to improve these aspects of the game in the future.
    • Hello,

      I would like to report another problem, that is mostly caused by other players.

      There have been several times where players copy designs from others or me, and despite trying talking to them in a civilized manner, many do not comply. On the contrary, they grow rude and copy even more.

      I've been copied by at least 15 people over time. This becomes tiring and annoying. You should create a report button for copyright issues or bad use of language. If the player keeps on not complying, there should be a ban, at least for a month's time. If they go one from there, there should be a permanent ban.

      There are many young girls playing this game. Some get insulted with improper words and there isn't something they can do about it. Such an option would have helped.

      There should also be a limit of reporting so there won't be an overuse and also a punishment for false reporting.

      I hope you will consider this.
    • Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, these sound like good ideas, and we will make sure they are forwarded to our developers, so they can take your suggestions into consideration while designing new features for future updates.
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