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Am I running a thrift shop?

Why does it cost more to make the clothing than it does when customers buy them .... We will never get ahead in this game. To open another desk (ex: jewelry), it requires like $55000 and to upgrade materials it costs like $50000 and we don't earn enough from the sale of items to do the necessary jobs. I find myself spending lots of real money to try and do the necessary tasks. Please, please ..... make the items for sale higher (ex: it costs me around $200 to manufacturer an item, and the customers purchase it for $2-$7), where is the logic in this game? Has any of the reps even played this game? Please fix the issues that were reported months ago ..... I wish that I would have read some of them prior to spending all of the money that I've spent on this game. I will not spend another dime until corrections are made.
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