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Bakery Town, Restaurant Town, Fashion Design World lost progress.

Hello. I once deleted Bakery Town, Restaurant Town, Fashion Design World from my device. And now that I have reinstalled the apps, I reverted to level 1. Can you please help me restore my previous progress? I think I was already around level 30+, I maxed all of the expansions already and managed to have a second floor for the Bakery Town and Restaurant Town, and then a different branch for the Fashion World. Had quite a number of friends too. And I feel like it’s such a waste if all progress won’t be restored. Please help me. :(

My nanobit ID is Iloveistars
The device I’m using is Ipad Air. It’s still the same device I used even before I uninstalled the apps.

Any tips and suggestions on how to restore the previous progress would be highly appreciated. Please and that you!
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