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I’m Not worried! Not that big of a deal!!!

When I try to visit one

When I try to visit one (1) friend I keep getting a response that this player has items I do not have, "would I like to update?" I hit yes. It tells me I can continue playing while update goes on in background! No update thus far after multiple attempts! I have checked for updates and there are none pending! What do I do? This is not a major issue, but would like to help friend sew! Thank you for any help you can give me with this very minor problem. I will await your reply Drago and Jure! Thank you for your help with this matter. You have my email address! Respectfully, Ally

P.S. Now see how nice I was! Oh guys check my placement out back in the top 5 percent! And I have not spent a penny! Enjoying game more now!!! How does this make you feel?
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