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I’m frustrated

Can't get into the Karaoke Bar

I have been playing this story without problems for a few months now but then I got the quest to go date somebody at the Karaoke Bar and when I clicked on it it said to wait for Nicky to introduce the location so I waited. The thing is that now I have 3-4 quests to complete at the bar but I still can't get in so my story is stuck there.
I haven't got more missions from Nicky or seen her in a while.
Please help, user is Gkuxy096
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  • Hi Judylove,
    we are sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please give us some information.
    What is your Nanobit ID? What device do you use?
    When did the issue started to occur?
    Kind regards.
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    JudyLove--I have the same problem and have been in contact with the game's administrators. They've given me the option to restart my game because they cannot fix the glitch with Nikki. Unfortunately, for me, I will loose the money I've gained and status: 3.14M and Icon status. They've offered to compensate me with diamonds to repurchase clothing, but honestly, I've been playing the game for over 2 months, and to go through all the Auditions again will be annoying.

    I cannot move ahead in certain parts of the game until Nikki introduces me to the Karaoke bar. Ugh.

    I hope you've figured out a work around or a solution to this problem. If you've found a solution that doesn't involve restarting a new game, please share and post here. A bunch of players are having this very same problem with Hollywood Story.
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