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Cant get link to facebook to work and there for old game wont load HELP

Facebook connection failed try again later..message pops up so can not get old game with high level to load HELP.
I had to upload chef town again i have been playing this game for more then two years. I kniw i had this problem before but cant remember how to fix it. I love the game but am peeved that all my progress is lost. I do not know my old game id# etc so please do not ask for it. Something is wrong with this game and its ability to connect to facebook.all i can say is thank god i havent purchased any in game things or i would be beyond pissed off.
I need you the game developers to get my old game back.....and also FIX the connection to facebook error that has been happening for YEARS. make it easier for android players to save their game and be able to load old game again if getting a different phone and or if the app was deleted for some reason.

Fix this now please
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