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I’m frustrated

Can't play Restuarant Town since installing update

I updated Restuarant Town this morning, and now the game will not open. After I hit the game icon on my iPad 2 (iOS operating system is current), the game begins to load then the screen turns black before returning to my home screen. My user ID is LuceeK and I am playing on an iPad 2. Other users playing this game are also experiencing the same issue. Some of them have uninstalled then reinstalled the app and loaded their login information to regain their current level prior to the update only to discover that they have lost all progress, gems and coins. Because of this, I am very hesitant to uninstall/reinstall the app. I have forced close the app and restarted my device 4 times since installing the update as you have suggested to other users, but that did not resolve the problem. I really enjoy the game, and I hope a solution can be found soon. I have spent my money on gems and my time collecting items by completing tasks. Losing my progress to this update would be an upsetting waste of my money and time.
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  • Dear Lucee,

    We're very sorry for this inconvenience and all additional trouble caused by the latest update.

    We are already working on a solution that should allow opening and playing the game normally. The team is working on a fix to address the issue which will be rolling out shortly. Unfortunately, we can’t predict exact date.
    Please don't delate your game.

    We thank you for your patience.
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