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Chef Town Update Questions

Thanks for the Chef Town update, plenty of new things to keep us busy. Love the new recipes too, hope to see more down the track. I have a few questions though...

1. Redeem Codes
In relation to the Redeem Codes function, I was able to use this function once but since then, I don't seem to have the facility to be able to enter neighbour's codes. It only shows my code. In addition, how do I find my neighbour's codes or share mine (other than everyone listing them here in the forum)? I do not have access to Twitter or Facebook etc.

2. Tasks
On completing the "Add 3 new friends" task, it did not register that I had done so. I am now stuck on that quest and unable to complete it. On to another quest .. although I have completed the tasks where we were required to visit community members and visit friends with likes, this task takes a ridiculous amount of time. It can take up to a minute or more to load a friend's town and the same to return to your own. If it wasn't part of the task, I really don't bother with this function because of the time delay (& also because I can't tell who I'm visiting because their Nanobit ID isn't visible once they name their town). I am just making you aware of it for future updates.

3. VIP
Quite by accident I discovered the VIP folder in the Shop. How do we reach the levels to unlock the goods? A friend who is on a lower level than me with fewer Rec points has 7 unlocked and available to her. I have 3 locked items.

4. Plots
Before retiring for the evening I planted 2 x garlic. The next morning I found they were rotten ie. same bin symbol you get when you've used up eg. lemons from the lemon tree. Does this mean if we don't pick our crops within a given time, we lose them?

That's it for me - I'd really appreciate some help with my queries.

Many thanks.
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