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Clothes that dissapeared from game that were available earlier.

I've been playing the Halloween Fashion Design & some of the clothes that are different from Regular Fashion Design like red & black stripped sweater, a little red skirt with some black that only takes a minute to make & also a black blouse with red trim I think takes 10 Hrs to make, have dissapeared now that I have moved up past level 15 or 16. What happened to them? I really lik that some of the things are different. Also this game has some different things like different colored racks I would like to see in regular FDW also I noticed that some of the avatar customers have costumes that should be in game. Also the costumes that are in game should be available at lower levels since it is a Halloween version. I also noticed some tall black boots with like buttons on them that were also in there earlier but I don't see them anymore either.
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