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I’m Annoyed

Coins Disappearing

I have had about 40,000 coins disappear over the last 24 hours. I could not figure out what was going on until I came to this help board. I know y'all stated you are working on the problem, but will these coins be returned to us? It has been a significant amount of coins that have disappeared (and a lot of work!), and I almost feel like I want to delete the app if I can't get them back!
Will y'all be returning them?
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  • Dear Rhianna,

    We are working hard to figure out what's causing this issue or confusion. I just want you to be sure you've not spent coins unlocking Advanced/Expert recipes. (Expanding and unlocking Advanced/Expert recipes does cost coins. We'll make sure to make that clearer in our next update.) Since we're having difficulties reproducing this issue we're in great need of your help. So please, if you're still experiencing this issue and you are certain you didn't Unlock Advanced/Expert or Expand, answer these few questions and helps us figure out what might be at the bottom of this issue:

    1.) Did you lose your coins immediately after purchasing the plant, or was there a slight delay in between?
    2.) Did your game crash or freeze at the time when you noticed this drop in your coin count?
    3.) Did you have any plants of this kind stored in your storage when you were purchasing these plants?
    4.) Which game version are you playing? You can check your game version by going to your device's General Settings, Usage, Manage Storage and by selecting the game from the list.
    5.) Have you completed any Goals (achievements) just before you noticed your coins were missing?
    6.) Which version have you started playing on?
    7.) Which level have you reached so far?

    Also, please let us know if you're absolutely certain that you did not unlock any new recipes or purchase any expansions. We had many reports of missing coins, which, after checking our logs, turned out to be cases where players simply used the coins to unlock a new recipe or expand. We are having a very hard time collecting the information required to resolve this issue due to such reports, so please , in order to help us resolve this issue as soon as possible, make sure that you're 100% certain that you did not use these coins to expand or unlock new recipes.
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    • 1. No I went to make butter
      2. No
      3. No
      4. Newest version updated August 29/30
      5. No
      6. Question doesn't make sense. See answer to #5
      7. 38

      I have seriously had it with his game. Just watched 3,000 coins disappear in front of my eyes. God only knows how many more you've taken from me. Was saving up for an appliance that cost 19k. I knew I had 18 and went to make butter and seen it said 15 and was like what the fuck. If you're not going to give me back my coins I will delete this game and give you a horrible rating/review and tell all my friends that play that you're fucking thieves.
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