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Convert Coins

I have 2 related queries and am hoping a representative from Nanobit can help.

A. In Bakery Town you have introduced the option to convert coins for gems (as per first screenshot), however when you click 'Buy' it takes you to the 'Purchase gems' screen (as per second screenshot). The option to convert coins for gems gives the impression that it is just that. It is disappointing to find that it then asks for real $ and not coins earned during game play.

Is it possible to offer this option, that is, convert game coins for gems in a future update?

B. Secondly, it has been some time (since the special offer which included gems, coins and the muffin counter) - over a month, if not more(?) since I have had the option to earn gems free whether via free videos or apps. I realise this feature is not a permanent fixture & comes & goes but it has been gone for so long that it is taking an eternity to earn gems. Most of the shop items also require gems which makes purchases difficult. Is the free offer wall scheduled to come back in the near future?

Your assistance is appreciated. (Nanobit: violet940)

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