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I’m unsure

Counter placement

I have some concerns about my "waiter" and placement of counters. Waiter seems to spend far too much time standing around (I AM NOT JOKING!) either rubbing dandruff off of his jacket or scratching his armpits. I know this sounds so absurd but I am serious. (I play another "restaurant" game and figured out placement of the cooks, servers and counters was paramount to the ability to serve food to the customers.) I discovered two days ago my "Chef Town" waiter was totally locked out the "serving area" and no customers were being served as he stood around the perimeter doing his dandruff or armpit annoyance. I could see my placement of counters somehow had him "locked out." What are the game rules here? Can I stack counters or does waiter need actual access to each counter in order serve the food stored on that counter?
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