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Did not level up when I should have

Hi, I reached the required number of xp's to go up to the next level, but the xp meter did not level me up. I remained on level 36 rather than going to level 37 and the appliances did not unlock like they should have. The meter kept on collecting xp's and began applying then xp's to level 36 again instead of 37. I would like to go up to level 37 so i can get another appliances and use it on the floor. I should have had qq13 appliance slots as I leveled up to 37 but only have 12 and stayed at level 36 again.

May I please level up and get the slot for another appliance in the very near future. If I get a timed quest in Bakery Town that one appliance that I did not get might make the difference between finishing and not finishing a timed quest.

I am attaching a screen shot of the meter and also the shop tag for appliances, which did not unlock.

This happened to me in Bakery Town and I am using the current version of the game on my IPad 2. Thank you.

Jennie Sherban
Nanobit i.d. Is Tammymae
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