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I’m Very unhappy and anxious at the moment.

Double sales tax on gems when using I Tunes card

When I pirchased bt I tunes card to use at Restaurant Town, the store charged me 10% sales tax, which is the rate we pay here in Tennessee. Now when I tried to use my remaining balamce to buy gems on sale it told me I didn't have a big enough credit to buy the gems. I checked again, and I had maybe 35 cents above the amount being charged for the gems. I again tried to purchase the gem package and was told the same. Thing. Then I realized what was happening. I already paid my 10% sales tax at the store where I bought my I tunes card. Now I am being charged 10% sales tax once again which is leaving me short y a few pennies to buy the much needed gems to use in my Restaurant.

I would like to know what you are going to do About this situation. I know that if you get caught doing that you will,be facing some time behind bars or a very large fine. You might want to check into this. Even if it is legal in Croacia, I am an. American citizen and this is illegal in. My country. Please answer me as quickly as possible. I do not want to miss out on this sale.

One more thing, are we going to get our offering board back for free gems? I need a few. Things but want to see if they are on the offering board before I just go ahead and buy them.
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