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Fashion city 2 racks, tables and style points

I'm up to the max level reached on racks and tables for my items. I'm on level 58 and more new things keep unlocking for you to make. Half the time I have to either sell my items so the new ones can fit. Are you guys going to up the tables and rack capacity any time soon. I have spent a lot of money and time playing the game. I either bought or pay for the items. My store it's filed to the max and I really enjoy playing it.

Also the style points. It's so hard for you to upgrade anything. While opening gifts, it will take months for you to actually be able to build one of the VIP merchandise and even longer to have enough points to be able to do anything w them. . AI have a lot of money but not enough style points to expand my store and it's really annoying and discouraging. Can you guys please do something about this. Thanks
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    I just about quit playing when they added the style points. It's almost impossible to win the gifts let alone when the ones that have the items that might pertain to the style point box. I have complained to support that they added this very difficult extra step which has caused me to play the game about once every two weeks. It's too bad they added that because I loved the game and played it about every day. It's also discouraging about the limitation on some of the store racks and tables, especially the ones that cost cash. I refuse on most occasions to spend diamonds for of the other ones as well as flooring, walls and decorations. Even though the diamonds don't cost a lot, they can go pretty fast. Yet another way for this company to snag as much money from unwitting players. I doubt it will get any better which is too bad because again I really enjoyed making the outfits that I wear in the Superstar life game which I also play.
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