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I’m frustrated

Fashion shows not working on either of my devices

My daughter and I both LOVE this app and have invested a LOT of $$ in purchases on it. But today it is no longer updating any shows - no models appear in shows or the "vs" feature. Instead it gives a message saying to check my internet connection (which is working fine). All other features are working.
I went to the App Store and saw an update for my ipad 2 (latest 7 version) but the update didn't change or fix anything.
This same issue is occurring on my iPhone 5.
It sounds crazy but I use Studio as part of my pain management program while recovering from lung cancer surgery. My little girl plays alongside me on my phone. We would be very grateful if the issues could be fixed ASAP! Thank you for your assistance and for a truly wonderful outlet of creativity, joy and stress/pain relief!
Also, is there anyway to change my nanobit ID? My 7 year old got me hooked on Studio but not until after she created a ridiculous ID like ttttttttttttttttttpldevhhhggggg lol.
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