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Game not registering my yogurt so I can use it

I have 3 and game says 0 so I cant use it. Please fix this
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  • I’m sorry has occurred. Unfortunately it probably won’t be fixed before you are out of time on task :( Please email support with the following issue and they will assist as soon as possible with the following information to

    1) Chef Town as subject
    2) Nanobit ID
    3) Chain name and tag number (this is located in big building next to truck)
    4) A shot of task, yogurts showing how many you have, shot of it again after using one that also shows it wasn’t counted for task
    5) the device type you are playing on and version of software (found in play store)

    I hope it is able to be fixed before you are out of time, but if not thank you for making the issue known.

    Thank you and best of luck,


    Also feel free to check out the Facebook Group Chef Town Gamers to connect with other players.
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