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I’m annoyed as i spent a lot of time and effort re-arranging my restaurant

game won't load correct saved data when i switch from galaxy tab to galaxy s4

I have this app on both my samsung phone and samsug tablet. I started with it on my phone and progressed to level 15. I then decided to get it on my tablet also. When opening for the first time it stated that there was already a saved game in progress for this google id do i want to load game or start a new game. I clicked load game and it loaded the game to where i was on my phone. I progressed with the game on the tablet and levelled up a couple of levels and re-arranged my restaurant. I then opened the app on my phone but the game has not updated the changes i made whilst playing it on the tablet. Should the game update and enable me to carry on from where i left off on the tablet version?
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