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When trying to visit friend's stores

Whenever I attempt to visit another friend/player's store, the game completely shuts down /crashes!! Before that, I kept getting a message that the other store had items & played a version newer than what I am playing. I keep choosing the option to update to the newer version but still get the same result....crash! I even get a message that the game is updating while I continue play!?

Also, the game really needs more options to buy nice stuff with coins (I.e., NOT gems!). There used to be regular updates with new items to decorate and clothes to sell which is nice if 1. There are updates more frequently, 2. Good options available for coin purchases, 3. The holiday (ex. Halloween) items were available well before the holiday & then removed or the price reduced promptly at end of holiday.

Lastly, as a frequent user, at advanced level, I really would like to see more quests, collections, goals made available and often. PLEASE!!

Thanks for reading- any responses/suggestions are appreciated :)
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