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Game in iPhone is not present in my iPad even if I used 1 user ID

Hi! I have been enjoying both your restaurant town and bakery town. Been using it on my phone. But I got an iPad now. When I went to the App Store, it showed I have a previously downloaded it. So I redownload it. When I opened both Apps, to my horror, my current game was not saved and I have to start from scratch in my iPad
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    Hi Barbie,

    Fortunately in some cases (and unfortunately in other cases such as this), game progress is stored on your device for Nanobit's games. This means that regardless of whether you employ the same user ID on two different devices, each device will maintain separate game progress.

    What you could try is to backup your iPhone to either iTunes or iCloud and see if you can restore it to your iPad from there. If it works, it would import your previous game progress to your new device.

    According to this Apple support article, it is possible to backup and restore cross-device, with a few caveats (see the "Can I restore my iPhone or iPod touch using a backup made from my iPad?" section in the article that I linked). But since Nanobit's games are both iPhone and iPad compatible, this should be possible.
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