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I’m angry

Game on new Ipad

I have a problem, maybe someone knows how to help? Bought new Ipad and stransfered all the data from one Ipad to another. All the games work fine and I can continue playing from where I stopped on old Ipad. Except Superstar Life. It only gives me a new character and it starts all over. Tried to connect with facebook and game centre, nothing. Still same! It's annoying cause I played it for so long and wasted so much money on the game and now I have to start all over? Rubbish.
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  • Hi Jah!

    Unfortunately, the only way to restore your previous game is through back up option which is available in iTunes software. If you did back up your device via iTunes when the Superstar Life was installed on your device then you can restore entire device content - all applications and their data from that backup (including the Superstar).

    Here is detailed instructions and guide for backup restore option on apple pages;
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