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Rotation of new clothing

Before a few updates ago, the clothing that was purchased was still was on the hangers in the store. After one of those updates, clothes that we bought were no longer on the hangers, instead the hangers were empty.

Sometimes those hangers had new items on them for purchase. I have noticed that since I don't buy many items and the top two stores, I don't see new items on the few empty hangers in those two stores.

In the diva store, the items for sale change frequently regardless of whether the hanger is empty. An item that I may have wanted before but could not afford at that time but can now afford is not offered for sale for quite some time. Can you make the items in that store rotate faster?

Again, the new items for sale are gorgeous! Even though this game has many faults which we have talked about in this forum, the clothing and other items keep me playing this game. I think it is the best fashion game on the market and kudos to your staff that turn these clothes into fashions for the game.
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