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I’m frustrated, upset, disappointed

Got a new phone and I can't log into my old game

I recently upgraded my iPhone to a newer iPhone. Once my new iPhone was set up, I logged into my “fashion design app” & noticed I had to start over as if I was a new player! I have been playing this app for several years! All 4 of my stores were as large as you could make them I put a lot of money into the game, I had saved a ton of money & gems and had a lot of invintory on the floor & being made by machines. Question: Is there a way that you can help me log into my origanal account on “fashion design world” app so I can continue playing on that account & so that I don’t loose all the hard work, money & gems I put into the app? PLEASE HELP ASAP I usually play the app 4 times a day & I really will be 100% disappointed to lose everything I put into my account for years and have to start over.
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